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22 Things You Know If Tegan And Sara Were Your Teenage Idols

This is where the good goes.

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1. Tegan and Sara are the definition of lesbian royalty.


6. Your heart broke when they appeared in The L Word.

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Everyone was sharing their memories of Dana (😭) and Shane when they both got stoned and went to a Tegan and Sara concert. A-mazing.

7. They were definitely your style icons.

9. But you could never pick a favourite.


12. You watched all of their interviews on YouTube.

They are TOO CUTE.


15. Or you used their lyrics to tell all your friends how your truly felt.


16. You love how cute their relationship is.

"Why don't I have a lesbian twin to share beanies with?"


18. If they came to your town you definitely went to see them live.

And you had never seen so many lesbians in the same room before.

19. Sara's cat totally melts your heart on Instagram.

21. And cool to fight for your rights.