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Aug 28, 2014

How Well Do You Know The Tube Map?

Oysters at the ready! / Flo Perry
  1. 1. Which line is Chancery Lane on?

  2. 2. Which two lines could you travel on to get from Waterloo to Holborn?

  3. 3. Which of these stations is not on the Northern line?

  4. 4. Which of these DLR stations doesn't exist?

  5. 5. Is Colindale on the Edgware or High Barnet branch of the Northern line?

  6. 6. Which line is Upminster station on?

  7. 7. Which one of these stations isn't on the Overground?
  8. 8. Which branch of the District line is Gunnersbury on?

    BBC / Via
  9. 9. Which lines is Goldhawk Road on?

    BBC / Via
  10. 10. Which two stations are at either end of the Victoria line?

  11. 11. What two stations does the Emirates Airline cable car stop at?

    Dudek1337 / / Creative Commons
  12. 12. Which two lines is London Bridge on?

  13. 13. Which of these lines is Embankment on?

  14. 14. Which of these stations isn't on the Bakerloo line?

    BBC / Via
  15. 15. Which of these stations is on the Piccadilly line?

  16. 16. Which line is Preston Road on?

  17. 17. Which of these stations on the Piccadilly line is between Holborn and Leicester Square?

  18. 18. What two stations are either side of Oxford Circus on the Central line?

  19. 19. Which two lines would you travel on to get from Liverpool St to London Bridge?

  20. 20. Which of these stations are between Tottenham Court Rd and Waterloo on the Northern line?

  21. 21. Which line is Ladbroke Grove on?

  22. 22. Which station is between Victoria and Vauxhall on the Victoria line?

  23. 23. Which of these stations doesn't exist?

  24. 24. Which line does not pass through Bank station?

  25. 25. Using the most direct route, where would you change to get from Charing Cross to Green Park?

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