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Here's What A £100,000 Looks Like Around The UK

You can live in a shipping container or a literal church. The choice is yours.

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1. In actual Zone 1 London you can buy a tiny boat for £95,000.

Pros: It's called Mollie.

Cons: You have to take it out the water every two years to re-tar the bottom so your house doesn't start sinking.

2. In Birmingham you can buy this maisonette with a real garden for £100,000.

Pros: Grass and flowers.

Cons: Doesn't have a cute name.

3. In Gunnislake, on the edge of Dartmoor national park, you can buy this adorable one bedroom house for £100,000.

Pros: It looks like it's out of a children's book about particularly cute houses.

Cons: You would probably bang your head on a beam at least once a day if you lived here.

4. In Glasgow you could get this one bed flat in a converted church for £100,000.

Pros: Very holy.

Cons: You might feel bad if you like sinning in your own home.

5. In Whalsay, in the Shetland Islands, you can get this four bedroom house for £92,000.

Pros: Pretty incredible views over a loch and out to sea. Also four bedrooms, so good if you have children or stuff.

Cons: It's a 24 hour drive to London, or you have to take two planes and a ferry.

6. In Talgarth, on the edge of Brecon Beacons national park, you can get this adorable one bedroom house for £90,000.

Pros: It has a jacuzzi bath!

Cons: It kind of looks like it was drawn by a child that isn't that good at drawing.

7. In Manchester you can get this one bedroom apartment for £98,000.

Pros: Less than a mile from the city centre.

Cons: Looks like the kind of building someone called Graham might live in.

8. In Great Yarmouth you can buy this teeny tiny little two bedroom house for £100,000.

Pros: It's practically on the river and it's only a 15 minute walk to the beach.

Cons: Not a good place to live if you like to walk around with your arms outstretched.

9. In Liverpool you could buy a flat in this creepy looking old school building for £100,000.

Pros: More period features than a cinema showing only menstruation related movies.

Cons: Probably haunted, let's not lie.

10. In Aberdyfi, on the edge of Snowdonia national park, you can buy this two bedroom bungalow for £95,000.


Cons: That's not technically the sea, it's an estuary, but who's counting?

11. On the edge of Belfast you can get this three bedroom house for £94,950.

Pros: Three whole bedrooms! And a garden!

Cons: Not good if you don't like purple.

12. In Prudhoe, near Newcastle, you can buy this two bedroom house for £99,950.

Pros: Quite a nice view.

Cons: Prudhoe, heh.

13. In Tintagel, Cornwall, you can get this two bedroom holiday lodge for £99,950.

Pros: It's in a holiday park, which means you get access to an indoor swimming pool, sauna, and gym. And the view is OK.

Cons: It's in a holiday park.

14. In Argyll you can buy this little cottage for £95,000.

Pros: It's 1.6 miles from that beach, and it looks like it could be on a chocolate box.

Cons: So at the moment it's just two big empty rooms, but it has planning permission to become a three bedroom house.

15. In Killyleagh, in Northern Ireland, you can get this cute two bedroom flat for £95,950.

Pros: Pretty nice sea views.

Cons: You are 45 miles from your nearest train station, so maybe buy a boat.

16. On the Isle of Harris you can get this delightful one bed cottage for £85,000.

Pros: You can really live your dream as a hermit.

Cons: Your nearest pub is a 47 minute walk away.

17. In Brampton, Cumbria, you could buy this perfect one bedroom cottage for £75,000.

Pros: For that price you could buy all your furniture from the most expensive Ikea range.

Cons: You might have too much money left over so you'd do something irresponsible with it.

18. In Brighton you can buy this one bedroom house made out of shipping containers for £35,000.

Pros: It's actually right in the city centre.

Cons: Once you've bought it you have to dismantle it and move it somewhere else. Don't worry: it comes with instructions for how to put it together again though. Also it has no electricity or plumbing, and the kitchen is made out of cardboard.