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    23 Cats Who Forgot To Put Their Tongue Away

    When a cat leaves its tongue hanging out, the world is brighter, if only for a moment.

    1. Cats have a lot going on in their lives, you know.

    2. Sometimes, when their busy schedule overwhelms them, they forget to put all of their little cat tongues back in their mouths.

    3. And this is just the cutest thing in the whole world.

    4. Sometimes they'll look at you like, "What are you looking at?"

    5. "What? Do I have food on my face?"

    6. And you're all like, "No, nothing, just..."

    7. And then you die from cute overload.

    8. RIP all cat owners right now.

    9. No one knows why it is so cute when a cat forgets to put their tongue away.

    10. Is it because they have no idea it's there?

    11. "Hey kitty, you forgot something, it's your tongue."

    12. Is it because they look kind of derpy?

    13. "You had one too many nip shots, Fluffy?"

    14. If you have a mean cat, they will look like they are doing it on purpose.

    15. Sometimes it just enhances how cats are clearly the most beautiful creatures on the planet.

    16. Or sometimes it just makes them look kind of drunk.

    17. Maybe cats are just trying to communicate with us in emoji form? 😜

    18. Maybe they are just thinking about food.

    19. They could think it's a rad new look.

    20. Maybe they're trying to seduce us.

    21. But the truth is, they've just forgotten they own a tongue.

    22. "Oh crap! I knew I'd forgotten to do something. That's it, it was to put my tongue away." –This cat

    23. 😝 😝 😝

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

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