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    11 Life Hacks All Lazy Girls Definitely Already Do

    Just tiny things to make your life that little bit easier.

    1. Instead of having to wash and dry your hair just use some regular dry shampoo to soak up any grease.

    2. Instead of having to do your whole face every day, just don't take your makeup off properly and top up!

    3. Instead of finding your nail varnish remover, and a cotton ball, just pick it off and leave the bits in little piles around your house.

    4. Instead of brushing and styling your hair, just put it in a bun!

    5. Instead of having to wash your clothes when they only smell a little bit, just spray them with deodorant!

    6. And instead of washing your clothes every time you get food on them, just let it dry and then pick it off.

    7. Or when all your clothes are really unbearably dirty, instead of doing washing just wear other people's clothes!

    8. Instead of getting up as soon as your alarm goes, set it earlier and plan to snooze it at least three times.

    9. Instead of removing all your body hair, remove only what pokes out of your outfit.

    10. Instead of wearing jeans refuse to wear any clothing that doesn't have an elasticated waist.

    11. Instead of having to remove your top to take off your bra, do it underneath your top while not leaving the sofa, like a magic trick.