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Going To An All Girls' School: Stereotypes Vs. Reality

Not everyone was a lesbian.

1. Stereotype: It was like one big sexy schoolgirl catwalk.

Ealing Studios / Via

Reality: There were no boys, so no one gave a shit what they looked like.

Capitol / Via

2. Stereotype: It was super bitchy.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Reality: Less boys = less to bitch about.

Oxygen / Via

We spent our time snacking instead.

3. Stereotype: There were full-on cat fights.

MGM / Via

Reality: Not really. More often there were just crying heart-to-hearts.

FOX / Via

4. Stereotype: Everyone was lesbian.

Reality: OK statistically it makes sense there were more lesbians. In any case, lesbian gossip was the BEST gossip.

FOX / Via

5. Stereotype: The lesbians had sex in the toilet.

Reality: Ew no, who would do that?

Warner Brothers / Via

6. Stereotype: You didn't meet any boys until university.


Reality: You met SOME boys on the bus.

7. Stereotype: Feminism was on your curriculum.

Reality: Too right. But we only realised we needed it when we left.

Touchstone pictures / Via

8. Stereotype: Everyone thinks they are fat and just eats salad.

Creative Commons / Via Flo Perry

Reality: For every girl who loves salad, there are 50 who love cake.

HBO / Via

They are all in the queue for the tuck shop at 4.01 pm.

9. Stereotype: Without boys there are no distractions and everyone works really hard.

Paramount pictures / Via

Reality: Without boys, girls are the ones making fart jokes on the back row.

Paramount Pictures / Via

10. Stereotype: Everyone was very sexually frustrated.

NBC / Via

Reality: All teenagers were sexually frustrated. At girls' school we channeled this energy into making 'man walls' in the sixth form common room.

11. Stereotype: When someone got a boyfriend it was a big deal.


Reality: It was a MASSIVE deal. And everyone knew all the details.

NBC / Via

12. Stereotype: People are always talking about their period.

FOX / Via

Reality: Yep, ALL THE TIME.

United Artists

13. Stereotype: You wished you went to a mixed school.

Walt Disney / Via

Reality: NEVER!

Paramount Pictures / Via

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