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29 Of The Funniest And Most Real Tumblr Posts About "Bake Off" 2016

Val: "I've been making this recipe for 40 years." Val: *fucks it up*

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1. Bake off 2016 has been a truly wholesome year.

2. The final five were truly iconic.

3. Val was everyone's favourite. We forgave her a lot because she was such a nice person.

4. She had such potential, but it never seemed to fully blossom.

5. The bakers realised early on that there is only one sure fire way to Mary Berry's heart.

6. Even if Paul doesn't quite agree.

7. The thirst for Selasi has been unstoppable.

8. Never has the British public wanted to be a piece of tissue so much.

9. Selasi was clearly the most relaxed baker of all time.

10. Imagine what Selasi could have done with some healthy stress.

11. He could have won this thing if he'd got his head in the game.

12. Absolutely nothing could break his ice cold chill.

13. And when he left the nation wept.

14. Andrew has his own loyal fan club.

15. Who want to cradle him close to their hearts.

16. Even when he made the most basic mistake and forgot to turn his oven on.

17. He definitely steals recipes from his relatives.

18. He is all of us every time anyone made an innuendo.

19. And his jousting pole was a thing of beauty.

20. Jane's steely determination hasn't gone unnoticed.

21. And she has a death stare that can put fear into the hearts of the toughest of judges.

22. She definitely isn't afraid of Paul.

23. Candice is now the proud owner of the country's most iconic pout.

24. There is also a fair amount of thirst for Candice.

25. Also she is clearly not meant for pre-watershed telly.

26. The Mel and Candice ship has well and truly set sail.

27. Mel and Sue's excitement for all that free cake hasn't diminished a bit.

28. Paul had one moment of kindness and it was almost too much.

29. The final three are just all too good and loveable.

It has been a vintage year.