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31 Times Miley Cyrus Gave Zero Fucks On Instagram

It's her Insta and she does what she wants.

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1. Every time she's open about her bisexuality.

2. And every time she promotes Happy Hippies, the LGBT youth charity she founded.

3. When she posed with her Victoria Secret's Angel girlfriend Stella Maxwell.

4. When she films herself dancing around her kitchen singing.

5. When she stays in with her cat and pampers herself.

6. When she shares the best photoshops out there.

7. Like this face mash-up between her and a pig.

8. And this fake magazine cover expressing just how much she loves her cat.

9. Because Miley understands memes.

10. And she understands avocado-based memes.

11. When she was expecting a pizza baby.

We've all been there.

12. When she shared her secret ingredient.

13. And all her beauty tips.

14. When she created the perfect My Idol.

15. When she made her vagina say stuff.

16. All the times she wasn't afraid to laugh at herself.

17. Or point out how weirdly similar she looks to Justin Bieber.

18. When her adorable pets were just hanging out on her pizza bedsheets.

19. And when her dog slept on a bed of money.

20. When she hung out with No. 1 gal pal Cara Delevingne.

21. When she put googly eyes all over her arse.

Why not?

22. When she shared the perfect quote.

23. When she died her armpit hair pink.

24. And all the creative ways she's covered up her nipples.

27. Miley is always *SUPER* careful to stick to Instagram's ban on the female nipple.

28. When she teamed her perfectly covered nips with some armpit fluff.

29. When she dazzled us with her bejewelled boob.

30. When she said how it was weird that one little star makes so much difference.

31. And when she campaigned for free pizza.

And, of course, #FreeTheNipple.