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22 Things You Need To Eat In Durham

Yes, we're actually a city, and we may have more cute coffee shops than actual people.

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1. A doughnut milkshake from Velvet Elvis café.

Instagram: @velvet_elvis_durham

As many calories, carbs, and sugar as your heart desires, all in the cutest little café with a view of the cathedral.

2. A slice of cake and a coffee from Flat White.

Instagram: @flatwhitedurham

Hidden just next to Klute, this establishment is just a little more classy. And if you're trying to be healthy they do delicious salads too.

3. Fish and chips from Bells, ideally taken away and eaten on Palace Green looking at the Cathedral.

Instagram: @terezstifnerova

Or you could eat in and watch the world go by in Market Square.

4. The best cheesy chips in the world* at Stanton's.

Instagram: @lovebeyourenergy

Conveniently open until 3am.

*Verified by the author's experience.

5. Literally everything at Zen.

Instagram: @b3zb0

It's half price off all food at lunch time, meaning even the students can afford to eat delicious Thai curries and fancy flower teas.

6. The special of the day at Golden Pearl.

Instagram: @helenoswell

Yes it's a supermarket, yes you will be eating your lunch surrounded by bags of rice, yes it's only £5 for a great lunch, and yes it's delicious.

7. Pasta on a pizza at Spags, or La Spaghettata if you're not on a first name basis.

Instagram: @alicia44x

Food doesn't have to be posh to be good. Double carb is double the fun. And any place that serves wine by the litre is worth visiting.

8. A full afternoon tea at the Tealicious Tearoom.

Instagram: @tealicious_tearoom

Because every occasion needs a cake, even if that occasion is just nothing to do on a Sunday.

9. A vegan feast at the Jumping Bean Café.

Instagram: @jezzingtonbear

You don't need to even be a veggie to appreciate the butternut squash soup, or the gooey brownies.

10. A hot chocolate with all the trimmings at Vennel's Café.

Instagram: @nathsxcha

Tucked away, this place is practically impossible to find, but it's worth the adventure.

11. The biggest pub roast you've ever seen at the Court Inn.

Instagram: @annalouiseloves

Because every roast dinner should come with three different types of potato.

12. The tasting menu at Restaurant DH1.

Instagram: @cindy_qqqqi

Because you don't have to be down south to experience some gourmet level stuff, and it's cheaper up north too.

13. A meze selection at Lebaneats.

Instagram: @vegantidote

All of the falafel, hummus, and halloumi your heart desires.

14. The full English at Café Continente.

Instagram: @myra_riv

This is the best full english in Durham, and it's exceedingly reasonably priced. Also worth checking out the lasagna and chips.

15. The gigantic afternoon tea at 9 Altars Café.

Instagram: @olivia_storey

Because sometimes you can't be faffing around with miniature cakes, and you just need a good ol' fashioned pile o' cake.

16. Pulled pork nachos at the Head of Steam.

Instagram: @hos_durham

Warning: Some nights they play heavy metal music very loudly, but great if you're into that kind of thing. They have the largest selection of beers in Durham, including raspberry beer on tap.

17. The Tandoori at Rajpooth.

Instagram: @zn_meng

The best Indian in Durham, the portion sizes are serious and you will probably need a doggy bag.

18. A savoury and then a sweet crepe from The Pancake House.

Instagram: @michael

This might be the smallest café in Durham, but also the cutest. And it lets you have pancakes for every meal, which is a definite plus.

19. A burger and sweet potato fries from Tango.

Instagram: @ashleyemtate

The best burger in Durham and more toppings for your chips than you thought possible.

20. A peanut butter jelly milkshake from Split and Glory.

Instagram: @becca_x1

Or maybe you'd prefer a cotton candy and popcorn?

21. A Caramac cupcake from Be Tempted.

Instagram: @lucydavisx

And then probably a couple more cupcakes after that.

22. A Greggs sausage roll.

Instagram: @leannehaynes8

Because Durham has a Greggs every three metres and it would be rude not to.