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29 Foods That Will Give All Brits Intense Childhood Flashbacks

Weirdly shaped breaded meat + oddly shaped potatoes + something in bean sauce = ultimate kid's meal.

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1. This exact meal.

Instagram: @myjourneytoplanethealthy

Why don't all potatoes smile?

2. The humble turkey twizzler.

Instagram: @grussell92

What did they ever do to you, Jamie Oliver?

3. Spaghetti hoops on toast.

Instagram: @fowlerlisa

The original double carb.

4. Jam and coconut sponge with custard.

Instagram: @rosielee73

An exotic treat.

5. Bananas and custard.

Instagram: @nanceturner

The healthy option.

6. Arctic roll.

Instagram: @thurzle

Like cake and ice cream except all in one, absolutely genius.

7. This ultimate Sunday treat.

Instagram: @giraffesfoodadventures

And you can always buy them in petrol stations.

8. Potato waffles.

Instagram: @lynsylvsveggies

Hack: you can cook them in the toaster.

9. Turkey dinosaurs.

Instagram: @my_heart_belongs_to_a_moroccan

Because meat was always more exciting when it was in a weird shape.

10. Pink wafer biscuits.

Instagram: @mslucyclayton

What did they put in these?

11. The treat that no wild night was complete without.

Instagram: @robirving

Why even host a disco in the town hall if you weren't gonna whip these bad boys out?

12. Mr Kipling cake slices.

Instagram: @keyleighwho

They now come individually wrapped instead of in pairs. The tragedy.

13. Chicken dippers.

Instagram: @goldielocks1108

The king of the weirdly shaped breaded meat.

14. Alphabet potatoes.

Instagram: @carlybedford

These were always asking for trouble.

15. Cheese strings.

Instagram: @coreslimmingworld

Actually kind of gross.

16. The coolest lunch your mum could pack you.

Instagram: @robbiemainz

Why were sandwiches so uncool?

17. Fruit winders.

Instagram: @saoirse_lundy

You could kind of convince your mum they were healthy because they had the word "fruit" in the name.

18. Freddos.

Instagram: @loopy69

And they were 10p goddamnit.

19. Fab ice lollies.

Instagram: @emilyandthewildthings

The bottom layer was clearly the best.

20. Zap ice lollies.

Instagram: @collins_mp

What Instagram models are basing their hair colour on these days.

21. A crisp sandwich.

Instagram: @vestabirthandparenting

All sandwiches are vastly improved by shoving some crisps in.

22. This exact caramel cake.

Instagram: @charlienachmias

Or basically the exact same thing but in mini tart form.

23. Pizza and chips.

Instagram: @oxford_slimming_mummy

Being a kid was all about double carbs.

24. Jelly and ice cream.

Instagram: @tilleyusmaximus

A very cool desert to have at your party.

25. Baked potato with beans and cheese.

Instagram: @laurarebeccaw

What you got if you didn't like the main option for lunch.

26. Rainbow sprinkle cake.

Instagram: @smileyjodie

Of course drowning in custard.

27. Lasagne and chips.

Instagram: @warnecharlotte

Literally carb heaven.

28. "Easter nest" cornflake cakes.

Instagram: @mrstcutler

Every single mum had this genius idea.

29. And of course cornflake tart.

Instagram: @hanmadecatering

This should be a technical challenge on Bake Off.