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    18 Foods Every British Person Craves In August

    The best BBQs are on a disposable one from the supermarket.

    1. A burnt sausage cooked on a disposable bbq.

    2. And maybe a barbequed banana split for afters.

    3. Slightly soggy fish and chips.

    4. A choc ice, preferably one you'd forgotten was in the freezer.

    5. The mighty 99, the greatest ice cream ever.

    6. A lemonade lolly, for when a 99 would just be too rich.

    7. A strawberry split when you can't decide between a lolly and an ice cream.

    8. A ploughman's lunch, that you kid yourself is the healthy option even though it basically comes with a whole block of cheese.

    9. Slightly soggy chips with very crunchy scraps.

    10. An cheeky airport pint, because the holiday starts now.

    11. Exotic paprika crisps, because going to a European supermarket is the best bit of the holiday.

    12. Lunch from one of these vans at a car boot fair.

    13. Preferably one of these super thin burgers, with loads of onions.

    14. A pint of cold orange squash, especially when you're a bit hungover.

    15. An alcoholic drink that's mainly just fruit.

    16. A too sour blackberry picked straight from the bush.

    17. Strawberries, cream, and sugar.

    18. And of course a roast dinner, because we'd still eat one on the hottest day of the year.