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    A Giant Lump Of Fat The Size Of A Boeing 747 Has Been Found Underneath West London

    The technical term is "fatberg".

    Thames Water has revealed this huge congealed mass of fat and litter was found under an 80-metre stretch of Shepherd’s Bush Road, in west London.

    Thames Water

    Known as "fatbergs", these blockages form when waste such as cooking fat and wet wipes are disposed of down drains and toilets. This particular fatberg contained delights including tennis balls and planks of wood.

    A team of sewer experts spent most of last week battling the giant fatberg, fighting it with high powered water jets.

    Thames Water

    It was removed to prevent the sewer flooding, which would have involved nasty sewer waste filling the homes and businesses of Shepherd's Bush. So thank you fatberg fighters.

    Channel 4 / Via

    The water firm says unblocking sewers costs London £12 million a year. So next time you consider flushing a wet wipe, or a tennis ball, think of the words of Dave Dennis, Thames Water sewer operations manager, "London – bin it, don’t block it."

    Getty Images Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Flo Perry

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