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18 Facts Every Lesbian Knows To Be 100% True

It's not serious until your periods sync.

1. U-haul lesbians are not just a mythical stereotype.

But U-haul straight people exist too and can breed much more spontaneously.

2. The six degrees of separation rule doesn't apply to lesbians; it's three degrees of separation if you're lucky.


Even if you're from Scotland, and you meet a lesbian in Guatemala, she will have dated your ex's ex. It's lezza law.

3. And that's because there are only actually four lesbians in the entire world.

You, your ex, your old Maths teacher, and Ellen DeGeneres.

4. There are two main lesbian tribes: cat lesbians and dog lesbians.


Waaayyyy more clear cut than butch and femme.

5. H&M has a lesbian corner where they keep all the plaid shirts and practical jumpers.

@tmtaylo Hey look, did you know that H&M has a #lesbian section? Well they do, and I found it.

And other shops should do the same.

6. Accidental twinning is real and it is dangerous.

It will either happen with your girlfriend, or with your slightly camp male co-worker.

7. Period syncing is a sign of true love.


It's also very convenient.

8. But the practicality doesn't make up for you both questioning your entire relationship and existence at the same time each month.


But at least you can both agree on when you should order takeaway for dinner.

9. Dating women isn't any simpler than dating men.


Straight girl: "I wish I were a lesbian, things would be so much easier."


10. But lesbians always reply to texts on time.

It's because of their strong, speedy fingers.

11. When straight people ask, "who's the man?" what they're really asking is, "who wears the strap-on?"


"Which one of you fills the classic patriarchal roles and has a more logical and practical brain? And which one of you wears smaller underpants?"

12. Lesbian sex in porn is all wrong because they all have the longest nails imaginable.

What are their vaginas made of?

13. Sexuality is fluid, but the guys who think they can "turn you straight" are the last people on the planet you would sleep with.


In fact just looking at them makes you want to buy more beanies.

14. The men who say "lesbians can't have sex" always change their mind when their girlfriend actually cheats on them with a woman.


Suddenly it doesn't seem like such a sexy fantasy.

15. Telling a guy you're a lesbian never makes them leave you alone.

In fact it does the exact opposite.

16. Lesbian characters on TV always die first.


Must be our reckless lifestyle.

17. There are only three good lesbian movies.

Cheerleader LLC

But I'm A Cheerleader, Imagine Me and You, and that really long, sad one.

18. Being a lesbian is actually the best.

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