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18 Facts Every Lesbian Knows To Be 100% True

It's not serious until your periods sync.

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2. The six degrees of separation rule doesn't apply to lesbians; it's three degrees of separation if you're lucky.


Even if you're from Scotland, and you meet a lesbian in Guatemala, she will have dated your ex's ex. It's lezza law.


5. H&M has a lesbian corner where they keep all the plaid shirts and practical jumpers.

@tmtaylo Hey look, did you know that H&M has a #lesbian section? Well they do, and I found it.

And other shops should do the same.

8. But the practicality doesn't make up for you both questioning your entire relationship and existence at the same time each month.


But at least you can both agree on when you should order takeaway for dinner.


11. When straight people ask, "who's the man?" what they're really asking is, "who wears the strap-on?"


"Which one of you fills the classic patriarchal roles and has a more logical and practical brain? And which one of you wears smaller underpants?"