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19 Faces Everyone Staying Up To Watch The Election Will Recognise

"Why did I think this was a good idea again?"

1. The "I Haven't Seen This Much of David Dimbleby for Five Years" Face.

Columbia Pictures Corporation

2. The "I Am Hear To Watch History Being Made (And Drink Some Beer)" Face.

Warner Brothers

3. The "I've Been Watching This Thing For Two Hours And I Still Don't Know Who's Winning Yet" Face.

Victor Decolongon / Getty Images

4. The "I've Been Watching This for Four Hours and I Still Don't Know Who Has Won, and I'm Quite Drunk Right Now" Face.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images

5. The "OMG Another Straight, White Man Just Won A Seat" Face.

6. The "I Never Knew There Were So Many MPs" Face.


7. The "Do We Really Need All of These MPs?" Face.

8. The "I Bet That MP for That Tiny Scottish Island Gets to Have a Lot of Naps at The Back of Parliament" Face.

Logo TV

9. The "I Could SOooooo Be an MP" Face.

10. The "I'm Really Quite Tired Now" Face.

11. The "I Just Remembered I Have to Be at Work in Five Hours" Face.

SBS / Via Twitter: @search

12. The "If I'm This Tired, Those People On The Telly Must Be Near Death" Face.

Paramount Pictures

13. The "I Really Don't Care Anymore, But I Can't Give Up Now" Face.

Walt Disney

14. The "Like What Even Is Politics Anymore?" Face.

15. The "Who Is Politics? Am I Politics?" Face.


16. The "I Just Woke Up, Who Is the Prime Minister?" Face.

17. The "What Do You Mean We Still Don't Know Who's Won?" Face.


18. The "I Stayed Up Most of the Night and Now I Have to Go to Work" Face.

19. The "Democracy Is Broken, I Hate Politics, And I Am Going to Drink so Much Coffee Today" Face.

Walt Disney

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