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31 Faces Everyone Revising Will Immediately Recognise

Is it still called revising when you never learnt it in the first place?

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1. The "Teacher Just Said 'I Trust You Are All Prepared by Now'" Face.


2. The "Must Buy Some New Highlighters Before I Can Even Think About Starting" Face.

3. The "I Can't Possibly Start Revising Without Making the Perfect Playlist" Face.

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4. The "Oh Crap I've Run Out of Useful Procrastination" Face.


5. The "I Do Not Remember Learning This" Face.


6. The "Oh Christ I Really Do Not Know Any of This" Face.


7. The "I Am Doomed" Face.

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8. The "Come On You Can Do This!" Face.

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9. The "Been Doing This For What Feels Like a Lifetime and I'm Still Going to Fail" Face.


10. The "Oh My God, I Think I Finally Understand This Subject" Face.

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11. The "Tested Myself and Actually Got Something Right" Face.

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12. The "Just Found a Whole Other Chapter I'd Completely Forgotten About" Face.

13. The "Why Did I Just Waste The Last Hour Watching Homes Under The Hammer" Face.


14. The "I Am Well and Truly Fucked" Face.


15. The "I've Been Revising for a Whole 23 Minutes" Face.

16. The "Maybe I Could Just Stay in Bed Forever Instead of Passing These Exams and Becoming an Adult" Face.


17. The "I'll Just Watch One More Episode Then I'll Do Some Revision" Face.

18. The "OK Seriously Need to Do Some Work Right Now" Face.


19. The "I Thought I Was Fucked But Then I Just Talked To My Mate" Face.

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20. The "My Mum Just Asked Me if I Feel Ready for This Exam" Face.

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21. The "Teacher Just Said We Should Have Been Revising for Weeks and I Haven't Even Started" Face.


22. The "One Lil' Nap Can't Hurt Right?" Face.

23. The "Someone Just Said I Won't Ever Be Able to Pass These Exams Without Revising" Face.


24. The "Been Procrastinating for a Solid Three Hours Now" Face.


25. The "Turning Up to the Exam After Pulling an All-Nighter" Face.


26. The "Teacher Just Asked Me Why I Haven't Started Revising Yet" Face.

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27. The "Saw Someone's Facebook Status About Finishing Exams" Face.

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28. The "Reading Notes I Made When I Was Really Tired" Face.

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29. The "Haven't Left The House In Three Days" Face.

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30. The "If I Read Another Bloody Flash Card I Might Kill Someone" Face.

31. The "Is it Actually Possible To Die From Boredom" Face.

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