22 Faces All Early People Will Immediately Recognise

    "Oh look I'm the first here...again."

    1. The "First to Arrive at the Restaurant Again" Face.

    2. The "Accidentally Got Ready Way Before I Needed to" Face.

    3. The "I Thought the Invite Said 7:30?" Face.

    4. The "'Where Are You?' Text" Face.

    5. The "Waiting for Your Friend to Be Five Minutes Late Before You Text Them" Face.

    6. The "Trying to Leave the House with Your Late Friend" Face.

    7. The "You Promised Me You'd Be on Time and I Actually Believed You" Face.

    8. The "Please Tell Me More Shit Excuses for Why You're Late" Face.

    9. The "Oh No, I Haven't Been Waiting Long" Face.

    10. The "Something Went Terribly Wrong and I'm Five Minutes Late" Face.

    11. The "There Has Probably Been a Major Natural Disaster Because I'm Over Five Minutes Late" Face.

    12. The "All Dressed Up and Ready, But My Friend Just Texted Saying They'll Be Late" Face.

    13. The "Arrived so Early at the Airport That Check-In Isn't Open Yet" Face.

    14. The "Working Out How Long It Will Take to Get Somewhere, Accounting for the Worst Possible Traffic, and Varying Walking Speeds" Face.

    15. The "Late Friend Says How Long It Will Take to Get Somewhere" Face.

    16. The "Hiding Around The Corner For a Bit so My Date Thinks I'm Casually Four Minutes Late" Face.

    17. The "Trying Not to Become Filled with Rage While Waiting in the Cold" Face.

    18. The "I Am So Anxious About Being Late for This Important Thing That I've Had Four Nightmares About Being Late for it" Face.

    19. The "Turned Up an Hour Early to Important Thing" Face.

    20. The "Trying Not to Take it Personally When My Friend Is Late" Face.

    21. The "Tried to Be Cool and Late, But Arrived Exactly on Time" Face.

    22. The "Punctual and Proud" Face.