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25 Things All Mums Do On Facebook

All mums love to poke.

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6. Mums make a lot of Facebook mistakes.

7. They use all the functions that you thought no one ever used.

Who "requests" information about people? Your mum, that's who.

Also your mum definitely knows what college you go to anyway; she just wants to make sure all the other mums know.


10. They will ask you for help the whole time.

13. No, don't worry they definitely have no clue what they're doing.

They just didn't have the right glasses on.

16. They will send you every sticker available.

"Have you seen this one? It's so cute!" –Your mum


18. They will start to pick up your language.

Even if you're not quite sure they know what it means.

19. Mums, like everyone else, will start to do things just for the likes.

They'll get hooked on the likes, they'll make bad jokes for the likes, etc.


22. All mums get really into poking.

They think it's hilarious. And frankly, it is.

23. They will get confused about the different privacy levels of Facebook.

This leads to many embarrassing mistakes.

25. And of course mums will be the best Facebook friends you have.

My mum put a picture of me on Facebook and commented this. She is so cute!