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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Apr 29, 2015

    25 Things All Mums Do On Facebook

    All mums love to poke.

    1. The first thing all mums do on Facebook is add their children as friends.

    2. And if you don't accept them you'll get pleading messages until you do.

    3. Mums will then start adding all their favourites of their kid's friends.

    All Facebook mums are socialites.

    4. They will comment on or like absolutely everything you do.

    Twitter: @madisonperkinsx

    Kind of sweet and stalky at the same time.

    5. Maybe they will even share everything you do.

    Just in case you weren't quite sure, they're watching your every move.

    6. Mums make a lot of Facebook mistakes.

    7. They use all the functions that you thought no one ever used.

    Who "requests" information about people? Your mum, that's who.

    Also your mum definitely knows what college you go to anyway; she just wants to make sure all the other mums know.

    8. Everyone knows mums can't use emoji.

    And then instead of just deleting their fail, they'll comment on it endlessly until someone helps them.

    9. Mums make Facebook mistakes you didn't even know were possible.

    How do you comment on your own wall?

    10. They will ask you for help the whole time.

    11. They will share memes that they do not fully understand.

    12. Or maybe they do understand them — who knows?

    Mums have fun too.

    13. No, don't worry they definitely have no clue what they're doing.

    14. Mums will upload lots of photos of you as a baby.

    Philippa Perry / BuzzFeed

    They will get lots of likes from your friends and your mum will love that.

    15. You will learn a lot more about your mum's specialist interests through Facebook.

    16. They will send you every sticker available.

    17. They will post accidentally.

    Again, they will not delete it; it will just stay there forever.

    18. They will start to pick up your language.

    19. Mums, like everyone else, will start to do things just for the likes.

    20. They'll try to get with the modern world, and just fail.

    Hash brown fail.

    21. Mums love to embarrass their kids.

    "Gosh so proud of [insert your name] for their [insert distinctly average achievement] right now." –Your mum

    22. All mums get really into poking.

    23. They will get confused about the different privacy levels of Facebook.

    24. They will have lolz with other mums.

    25. And of course mums will be the best Facebook friends you have.

    My mum put a picture of me on Facebook and commented this. She is so cute!


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