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    24 Things Everyone In A Close Friend Group Will Understand

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    1. Everyone has to take their turn with being the butt of the joke.

    2. You know each other so well you know exactly which buttons you can push...and which ones you should probably leave alone.

    3. But if someone from outside your group says something about someone, that's a whole different matter.

    4. Even if you're apart it's important to keep up to date on absolutely everything that's happening in each other's lives.

    5. And when you all get back together again you take off from exactly where you left.

    6. You get jealous when the whole group hangs out and you can't make it.

    7. Any new romantic updates are big news for everyone.

    8. And if any of the group has a romantic dilemma, then everyone will have a different hot take.

    9. When one of your group is single it is the group's mission to get them some action.

    10. You know everyone's romantic histories by heart.

    11. And it's your duty to bring up the most embarrassing stories all the time.

    12. When you were younger, your group had its fair share of drama.

    13. You can't remember the origin of many of your group's in-jokes.

    14. And it can make it pretty hard to introduce new people into your group.

    15. Over the years a few newbies have made their way into the group.

    16. But that doesn't make introducing new significant others any easier.

    17. You've helped each other through silly problems and some real tough times.

    18. It's taught you that you can count on your group to be there for you when you really need them.

    19. And you know that the group will give you some tough love when you need it.

    20. If one of the group is holding a grudge, then the whole group will back them up.

    21. When you hang out, it doesn't really matter what you do, because you know you'll have fun anyway.

    22. You've debated many times who will be the first to get married.

    23. You've talked about ditching all of that and living in one big commune together.

    24. And you know that one day you'll actually find out the answers to all those questions.