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23 Of The Cutest Things That Have Ever Happened On Tumblr

Warning: Dangerous levels of adorable.

1. When this cat stepped on a bee.

2. This tiger with big dreams.

3. When we figured out that owls are basically just flying cats.

4. When someone achieved peak cat lady and it was magnificent.

5. Or maybe this guy achieved peak cat lady?

6. This description of what it feels like to grow up.

7. When the science side of Tumblr solved yet another mystery.

8. The greatest present of all.

9. When this pug achieved all its dreams.

10. Surprise kitten.

11. When the Lion King came true.

12. When this mum was the best.

13. When this little snail wore a little jumper.

14. When this Chihuahua had his supper.

15. The story of the rat who can drive.

16. Pangolins.

17. When the cat finally haz cheeseburger.

18. This little duck.

19. When toilet roll fought back against all cute animals everywhere.

20. Unicorn hamster.

21. This idiot dog.

22. Vending machine kitten.

23. And Wwen we realised that humans aren't so different from all the little baby animals after all.

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