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The 26 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened

Your standard fist bump/high five misunderstanding has nothing on this.

1. When someone should have paused and read the card.

2. This terrible third-wheel experience.

3. This awful office-chair lean.

4. This poster that really tried to promote equality.

5. Someone asking this person if they're pregnant.

6. This hover hand.

7. This old album cover.

8. This pot.

9. This guy's original style.

10. This Christmas card from the human centipede.

11. This old family photo recreation.

12. Whatever is going on here.

13. This couple pose.

14. After-sex selfies.

15. After-sex Snapchats.

16. This kid who doesn't understand when a pair of kangaroos need some time alone.

17. When you're the only one who actually dressed up.

18. When you have to buy condoms in front of a nun.

19. It's going to be an awkward baggage check-in for this guy.

20. This romantic moment.

21. This walrus boner.

22. This guy who hasn't heard of Tinder.

23. When these kids went wild.

24. This forbidden love.

25. This sign in a urinal.

26. But most of all, Avril Lavigne meet-and-greets.