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21 School Fads That Were Everywhere In The '90s And '00s

Did anyone ever actually break a shag band?

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1. Scooby-Doo bracelets and keyrings:

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Or whatever else you called them. They were actually quite ugly and uncomforatble to wear, especially the anklet kind. But if you could do a twist you'd have to teach your whole class.

2. Yo-yos:

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The original school craze. Yo-yos have come in about once a decade since time began, and then some kid nearly takes his eye out with one and they're banned until all the teachers forget the tragic yo-yo-eye incident of 1999.

3. Sticker books:

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All stickers were carefully organised in weird shiny paper books so you could re-stick them. There was a clear sticker hierarchy of normal stickers < sparkly stickers < furry stickers < 3D stickers.

8. Dummy necklaces:

And dummy sweets and dummy rings. There were rumours that if you sucked for long enough they'd turn into drugs. It was all wildly inappropriate and quite unhygienic.

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