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Posted on Jun 9, 2016

21 School Fads That Were Everywhere In The '90s And '00s

Did anyone ever actually break a shag band?

1. Scooby-Doo bracelets and keyrings:

Facebook: imremembering

Or whatever else you called them. They were actually quite ugly and uncomforatble to wear, especially the anklet kind. But if you could do a twist you'd have to teach your whole class.

2. Yo-yos:

Twitter: @Volteer95

The original school craze. Yo-yos have come in about once a decade since time began, and then some kid nearly takes his eye out with one and they're banned until all the teachers forget the tragic yo-yo-eye incident of 1999.

3. Sticker books:

Twitter: @FionaFussi

All stickers were carefully organised in weird shiny paper books so you could re-stick them. There was a clear sticker hierarchy of normal stickers < sparkly stickers < furry stickers < 3D stickers.

4. Pogs:

Twitter: @Primethean

No one knew what the hell you were meant to do with them, but they were the main playground currency for a brief period of time.

5. Snap bracelets:

This would quickly descend into just slapping each other on the wrist with a bendy bit of plastic.

6. Tamagotchis:

RIP to all the Tamagotchis that haven't been fed in 20 years.

7. Pokémon cards:

Twitter: @5sosLA

Trading one piece of card for another piece of card has never been so stressful.

8. Dummy necklaces:

And dummy sweets and dummy rings. There were rumours that if you sucked for long enough they'd turn into drugs. It was all wildly inappropriate and quite unhygienic.

9. Shag bands:

Twitter: @honeymoonIovato

The catch was these things were nearly impossible to break so you never ended up doing anything remotely naughty.

10. Breath strips:

Twitter: @RealMrRobinson

Mmmmm, gooey minty paper.

11. Push Pops:

Twitter: @RoyalRebbeca

A sticky lolly that you could save half for later after it was slightly covered in grib.

12. Scented gel pens:

Twitter: @robstoyshop

If your homework didn't smell of banana it wasn't really worth handing in.

13. Charity wristbands:

Twitter: @MDeanMD

They showed you were cool and that you cared.

14. Fruit Winders:

Twitter: @lucygrunwell

They were meant to be healthy so your parents let you have them.

15. Finger boards:

Twitter: @CardonaMarlou

No one could actually do any tricks with them, but it was apparently possible.

16. Tooth gems:

Twitter: @MartiMcnamara

You couldn't get the real thing so you just got a face sticker from Claire's that would come off and accidentally get swallowed anytime you ate anything.

17. Fake-tattooing your arm with biros:

Twitter: @CarlieLouise_TW

The teachers told you you'd get ink poisoning, but no one ever did.

18. Beyblades:

They really hurt your fingers if you fucked it up.

19. The game:

Sorry if you're still playing.

20. This other game:


21. Beanie Babies:

Twitter: @GetGetposhdeals

They were going to make you millions, you just knew it, you still know it, it will happen.

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