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26 Aldi And Lidl Product Names That Are Actually Genius

How do they think of them?

1. What a great name for some lovely spreadable butter!

2. Don't these chocolate biscuit bars sound delicious!?

3. How hilarious are these scary-creature-shaped pickled onion flavour maize snacks?

4. These crisps look great, but after you've salted your crisps what do you do next? Do you wiggle the packet? Move it around a bit?

5. This shampoo looks like it could combat your dandruff and give you a good pep talk.

6. All good nights out start with a bit of Lambrucini.

7. These small milk ice creams sound delicious!

8. Breadsticks that come with their own dip are definitely the future!

9. When you pour milk on this cereal it goes break, crinkle, and bang!

10. A large feline animal selling sweet cornflakes!? Whatever next?

11. This healthy cereal wants you to know that it's original.

12. This Irish liqueur would make a great after dinner treat.

13. The margarine on the left looks so much more appealing than the margarine on the right.

14. Nothing like a quick Snack Noodle when you're in a hurry.

15. These sugar coated chocolate buttons would make a lovely cinema snack.

16. Do you think these chocolate and vanilla sandwich biscuits are actually from Borneo, or did they just call them that because it sounds so cool?

17. What a strange name for a wheat based cereal biscuit.

18. No one knows exactly what bisks are, but if you say this name out loud it does sound weirdly good.

19. This summer punch looks like it would be great to drink at any time of day, it's almost like, all the time is Austin's o'clock.

20. The crisps on the right definitely have the catchier name, who needs to hula hoop when you can just hoop.

21. Yes, yes, yes! This shampoo looks totally satisfying.

22. This soup looks great, London is such a great place for soups.

23. What a fun juice drink for kids.

24. There is no better shape for a marshmallow treat than oblong, that's for sure.

25. I bet this tasty liqueur would go great with some Red Bull.

26. But it would probably go even better with some Red Thunder!

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