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    19 Things You'll Only Understand If You Share A Birthday With Jesus

    Don't expect to get me a Christmas/birthday present and still be my friend OK?

    1. Whenever you tell anyone when your birthday is they always say, "That must be so shit!"


    2. People actually try and give you joint Christmas and birthday presents.



    3. And obviously anyone who tries to get away with joint-presenting is automatically cut out of your life.

    Walt Disney

    4. That's if anyone remembers your birthday at all...



    5. All your friends are either away or busy with family.


    6. People who try and get away with this shit. / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    "Oh so thoughtful of you to have gone out and bought a card specially...NOT."

    7. Or this shit.

    8. You never get to have a party on your actual birthday.

    9. But you probably get invited to other people's Christmas parties where no one knows it's your birthday.

    10. It pains you a bit that it's not really socially acceptable to celebrate half birthdays when you're older than 6.

    11. Having to give presents to other people on your special day feels so wrong.

    Walt Disney

    I mean you should be all adult and fair about this but really you just want to shout "THIS IS MY DAY!"

    12. You have to fight for the attention you deserve on your birthday.

    13. It's hard not be slightly resentful of Christmas.

    14. On the other hand you never have to work on your birthday.

    Columbia Pictures Corporation

    Unless you're really unlucky.

    15. And your family is always about.

    Cartoon Network

    16. And I mean your WHOLE family.

    17. But you share having a Christmas birthday with some pretty cool people.

    Louis is a Christmas eve baby.

    18. Psy doesn't seem too down about being born on New Year's eve.

    19. Oh and this guy.

    Flickr: mike52ad / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    Jesus will be 2014 on December 25. Happy B-day J-dog, you know our struggle.

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