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    22 Foods That Will Take All Brits Back To School

    When's the last time you had a turkey dinosaur?

    1. A choc ice, for those time when your mum wouldn't let you go to the ice cream van.

    2. Or a Fab if you were lucky.

    3. Pic 'n' Mix that's somehow not as good as from the ones you used to nick from Woolworth's.

    4. A toastie that looks like this, and even though it was hotter than the sun in the middle, it's still better than any panini.

    5. Jam and coconut sponge with thick custard.

    6. A Vienetta, that your nan always had in the freezer.

    7. Chips and scraps – the ultimate after school pre-dinner meal.

    8. The mighty turkey dinosaur.

    9. Served with the most evil looking form of potato.

    10. Fish fingers and chips with lots of salt, vinegar, and ketchup.

    11. Dairylea lunchables, the ultimate cool kid's lunch.

    12. Or Dairylea dunkers – the smelliest snack.

    13. A warm sausage roll, usually from the British institution of Gregg's.

    14. A cheese string, which is so much tastier than non-stringy cheese.

    15. Babybels, and then playing with the squishy wax.

    16. Spaghetti hoops on toast, which you'd still probably pick over boring straight spaghetti.

    17. Sherbet straws that got you absolutely trashed at your 8th birthday party.

    18. Pink wafers, which were the most glam biscuit in the tin.

    19. Chocolate cake with "mint" custard, which was definitely just normal custard dyed green.

    20. Pizza with chips and beans, so gourmet.

    21. Cornflake tart with that secret layer of jam.

    22. Colin, who you would still happily invite to your birthday party today.

    23. And of course Turkey Twizzlers.