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32 Cats Being Utter Twats To Dogs

Cats will do whatever it takes to show dogs where they stand in the household hierarchy. Even poo on them.

1. This cat rubbing in the humiliation of the shame cone.

2. This cat whispering such obscene abuse into a dog's ear that the dog is crying out for help.

3. This cat who just got violent, making the dog quite scared.

4. This cat who knows dogs should sleep on the floor.

5. This cat giving this dog a right good talking to.

6. This cat asserting dominance by standing in a dog's water.

7. This cat telling a dog who's boss.

8. This cat rubbing his arse all over a dog's face.

9. This cat giving a dog the most evil of all evil eyes.

10. This cat going for the jugular.

11. These cats using their weird twin-like nature to intimidate this dog into submission.

12. This cat who makes dogs wait before they can eat their own food.

13. This cat disciplining a dog by biting it on the arse.

14. This cat straight up shitting in a dog's food.

15. This cat who likes dogs to be below them, metaphorically and literally.

16. This cat using their human as an aid to intimidate their dog.

17. This cat secretly plotting the demise of their dog.

18. This cat using the art of surprise to terrify their dog.

19. This cat telling their dog that they aren't invited to this party behind the fridge because it's cats only.

20. This cat telling their dog that they're a terrible dance partner and their footwork is pathetic.

21. This cat giving no fucks about their dog's latest anecdote.

22. This cat and monkey telling a dog he can't sit with them.

23. This cat who has enslaved their dog to be used as a boat.

24. This cat who will not be interrupted by their dog at any time.

25. This cat who has also enslaved their dog, because cats are too mighty to have to walk on the floor like the rest of the species.

26. This cat spying on their dog to make sure they're still as pathetic as they thought.

27. This cat who is bored by everything their dog has to say.

28. This cat who knows he is the ruler of the household and the dog is more worthless than the fleas on its back.

29. This cat who made this dog so ashamed of everything he has done and everything he is.

30. This cat who appreciates why the human chooses to drag the dog around on a leash.

31. This dog who has literally been shat on a cat.

32. This cat waiting patiently for his moment when he can destroy the dog once and for all.