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21 Cats Who Might Be Broken

Cats don't obey the laws of physics.

1. This cat that can't handle the 'nip.

Gave my cat some catnip and he's been laying like this for 2 hours

2. This cat that sniffed a bee.

3. This cat that doesn't know what legs are.

4. This cat that has evolved.

5. This cat that likes showers.

6. All the cats of the world that forget to put their tongue away sometimes.

Twitter: @basicallyC

They just get distracted by their busy schedule of licking the floof.

7. This cat that melted.

8. This cat that likes to lick it's cone of shame.

9. This cat that is ascending to another dimension.

10. This cat that just remembered something very important.

11. This cat that's had a hard night.

12. This cat that just really loves the fridge.

13. This cat that thinks this is the comfiest place to sit.

14. This cat (cats???) that has some weird legs.

15. This cat that now rules over us all.

16. This cat just making sure all of the floof is clean.

17. This cat that proves cats don't obey our earthly laws.

18. This cat that likes angles.

19. This cat that might want a hug or to eat you.

20. This cat that's been built wrong.

21. And this cat that is missing some parts.

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