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    27 Cats That Just Can't Even With Christmas Anymore

    "Ho ho no" —These cats.

    1. This cat can't even.

    2. This cat is done with your shit.

    3. These cats don't get the joke and are just so over this concept.

    4. This cat is so fml right now.

    5. This cat is just DONE with Christmas.

    6. This cat has been pushed over the edge and now doesn't even know anymore.

    7. This cat has had all its buttons pushed and shit is about to go down.

    8. This cat is so not into novelty fashion.

    9. These cats are not in the holiday spirit right now.

    10. This cat is really ready for a bit of a detox and some more tasteful accessories right now.

    11. This cat is resigned itself to its new life as a prop for photos, but it is not content.

    12. On the other hand this cat is deeply hurt that is was left out of the family picture.

    13. This cat is so over all these Christmas cliches.

    14. This cat has felt ignored during all the festivities and just wants some attention at what can be a lonely time of the year for some.

    15. This cat hates fake trees.

    16. This cat can't even with selfies.

    17. This cat doesn't agree with the expectation he is just expected to pucker up without consent because of some stupid plant.

    18. This cat isn't that keen on reindeers.

    19. This cat is bored.

    20. This cat doesn't think it can get any worse.

    21. This cat doesn't believe in Father Christmas.

    22. This cat is done with it all.

    When your cat hates Christmas but you tell her to deal w/ it

    23. This cat is disappointed in its owner.

    24. This cat has given up.

    25. This cat is done with being mocked.

    26. This cat is stuck.

    27. And this cat just really can't even with snow right now.