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Posted on Oct 27, 2016

Candice's "Bake Off" Speech Made The Whole Of Britain Cry

*SPOILERS* But if you haven't seen a spoiler where have you been?

Candice was pretty shocked last night when she won The Great British Bake Off.

BBC / Love Productions

It's safe to say she wasn't expecting it.

BBC / Love Productions

She didn't even expect to get on the show let alone win it.

BBC / Love Productions

You could tell she was trying not to cry, and everyone at home was trying not to cry with her.

BBC / Love Productions

And when they cut to her partner it was all just a bit too much.

BBC / Love Productions

How is this the most tense TV of 2016?

And her pug looked pretty happy too.

Dog fails to realise Candice has won, thinks it's on a walk #gbbo

At this point she was just about holding back tears, and so were you.

BBC / Love Productions

And then she said this and literally everyone in Britain cried.

BBC / Love Productions

Why is cake this emotional?

Tissues were out across the nation.

Candice's winning speech is everything 🙌🏼 That quote right there... "I am good enough" ❤️ #GBBOFinal #gbbo #WellDoneCandice

candice's winning speech was so so touching and sweet and beautiful #gbbo

Just ugly crying at Candice's "I'm good enough" speech, wbu? #GBBO

She was totally lost for words, but it didn't matter.

BBC / Love Productions

And the pug was so happy!

BBC / Love Productions

You are more than good enough Candice!

BBC / Love Productions / BuzzFeed

We are not worthy.

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