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21 British Snacks That Americans Are Seriously Missing Out On

It's not freedom if you can't buy a Mint Aero.

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2. You will not find Flakes gracing the aisles of their famous "grocery stores".

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Flakes are just chocolate but they fall apart more in your mouth. We have a tradition of sticking it in soft serve ice cream. This is called a 99 or a Mr Whippy, and it's amazing.

3. In fact, you won't find any PROPER Cadbury chocolate.

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You can get Cadbury in the US, but Hershey banned the import of it, so it tastes different and is made by Hershey's basically. And you can't get a load of the different kinds including Crunchies, Buttons, or Marvellous Creations.

4. "Well that's alright I could just have Galaxy." Nope.

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British chocolate > American chocolate.


6. And you can't get any other Kinder products over there, either.

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You have to go to specialist ~European~ shops. Or pay for our superior chocolate to be shipped halfway round the world.

7. Americans can never casually pick up a packet of prawn cocktail flavour crisps to have with their lunch.

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A crisp flavour based on an average 1970s dinner party starter shouldn't be a success, but it is.

8. And good luck finding any cheese and onion or Worcester sauce flavour crisps either.

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Even salt and vinegar is hard to find.


9. They can't get wine gums over there.

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Americans would love sweets that are meant to be alcohol flavoured, that contain no alcohol and taste just like fruity sugar.

10. Children in America some how manage to grow up without Ribena?

Americans don't even have a copy of Ribena. They have nothing blackcurrant flavoured, because until 2003 blackcurrant farming was banned to prevent the spread of pine disease????

11. And for all their love of artificial cheese flavoured things, they don't have Mini Cheddars.

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Imagine like a biscuit (cookie?) but cheese flavoured.

12. There is no Monster Munch in the USA.

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The Americans would love a pickle-flavoured baked corn snack shaped like a weird beast's foot!


13. America, land of all things full of sugar and fat, does not have Mars bars.

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They are the ultimate thing full of sugar and fat! In Scotland they deep fry them, which sounds like something the USA would love.

14. They do not have the most versatile of biscuits: The Digestive.

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They have graham's crackers instead, but whoever Graham is he doesn't make his biscuits quite right.

15. "Never mind, I'll have a Hobnob instead." Oh no, you won't.

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You can't get this oaty crumbly perfection on any highstreet in America.

16. Scotland's most popular drink is pretty hard to find in the rest of the world, and you won't find it in the US either.

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It's like Fanta but MORE.


17. And you can't get anything made by Tunnock's.

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Tea cakes filled with the fluffiest marshmallow and chewy caramel wafers are nowhere to be found across the pond.

18. You don't think of Lilt as a particularly British drink but actually it's only sold here, Ireland, Gibraltar, and in the Seychelles.

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So you can't get it in the US. Random.

19. There isn't a hotel mini-fridge in the US with a Bounty bar in it.

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Do they even have a chocolate bar full of coconut? How do they manage without one?

20. Smarties in America aren't chocolate at all, they taste a bit like refreshers.

Instagram: @_nastiacat_

Basically they are a totally different thing. Americans need more little bits of chocolate that come in tubes that you can funnel straight into your mouth.

21. The KitKat Chunky does not exist in the USA.

Instagram: @alyonka_gruzd

This is again because KitKats are slightly different in the US because Hershey's controls them.

Listen here 'Merca, it's not a big deal that you don't have Lilt or Hobnobs. They're nice but they're not life changing. However, KitKat Chunky Peanut Butter is life changing. It is unofficially the BEST chocolate bar available, so Brits if you're thinking about moving to the US, remember SAY GOODBYE to the great KitKat Chunky.