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19 British Hangover Foods The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

We're very experienced drunk people.

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1. The British are so good at hangover cures we invented a whole meal around them: the fry-up.

Instagram: @fryuppolice

Greasy, salty, and extremely large. Most things are better after a fry-up.

2. But let's not forget the humble bubble and squeak.

Instagram: @katythefloralfox

What's not to love about fried mashed potato in the morning? This perfect ingredient should 100% feature in more breakfasts.

3. And for when you're in a hurry, a bacon sandwich can sort most things out.

Instagram: @feralgrandad

It has to be on very soft white bread.

4. Ham, egg, and chips is a great all-day hangover cure.

Instagram: @alexandrarosecreative

Salty and so comforting.

5. Beans on toast will banish most symptoms and can also be made when you're not ready to handle a frying pan yet.

Instagram: @just_jade_sw

6. When things get serious a Lucozade can get you to a state where you're a functioning human again.

Instagram: @cliffordonut_

And as a bonus it reminds you of getting to stay home from school.

7. The best hungover lunch has to be the beer-and-a-burger deal from Wetherspoon's.

Instagram: @iona_skye95

It can also come with a Coke if you're not ready to handle a hair of the dog yet.

8. Or a simple burger from a burger van is sure to make that lingering headache fade away.

Instagram: @lottie4k7

A thin meat patty, plasticky cheese, and loads of fried onions, all in the softest bap.

9. A sausage sarnie is a luxurious breakfast treat when you've gone too hard the night before.

Instagram: @mimivanhausen

The sausages have to have been cut lengthways or it's just a shit hotdog.

10. A fish finger sandwich is pretty much the nicest lunch you can have, and also you probably have the ingredients already in your freezer.

Instagram: @missmitch_84

Not leaving the house is a huge bonus when it comes to hangover food.

11. The tanginess of prawn cocktail crisps can cut through the foggiest of brains.

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Also the strong scent should mask some of your alcohol sweats.

12. Anything from Greggs will probably make your hangover 100% more manageable.

Instagram: @creamyjulie

Many a sausage roll has been grabbed at a train station and saved what could have been a very painful long journey.

13. A carton of Ribena straight out of the fridge is the most refreshing drink.

But out of a bottle it's just average. One of life's mysteries.
Twitter: @_laurrrrrrra

But out of a bottle it's just average. One of life's mysteries.

14. Eggy bread is bland enough that even the most fragile of hangovers can handle it.

Instagram: @stacemacie

And yes, it's just savoury French toast.

15. A cheese toastie with Lea & Perrins will restore you to your normal self.

Instagram: @dioningramstr

16. A can of Irn-Bru has been scientifically proven to give hungover people all over Scotland enough energy to leave the house to get more food.

Instagram: @coreygundry

17. A chip butty is the ultimate carb-on-carb, carb-filled, carb-lover's dream.

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18. If things are getting dramatic, a munchie box will last you through your whole sofa day.

Instagram: @mrbengriff

Munchie box (n): A pizza box filled with a variety of takeaway foods.

19. But the greatest hangover cure of all has to be a cup of tea.

Instagram: @mlsgoodwin

Or more likely a whole vat of tea.