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    21 Signs You're Having A Bit Of A Shit Day


    1. Some days you wake up and you feel a cloud hanging over you.


    Today is going be a bit shit.

    2. Maybe you have something stressful to do, that you don't feel prepared for.


    Maybe you have a dentist appointment, or you got dumped 3 days ago and haven't quite got over it yet.

    3. Or maybe there is no logical reason for you to feel a bit shit.

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    That's OK! You can have your shit day.

    4. On shit days your brain doesn't function as well as on OK days.


    5. And everything that could go wrong seems to go wrong.


    6. If anyone asks you how you're doing.

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    7. Productivity falls to an all time low.

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    But procrastination is also mind-numbingly boring. You know it's bad when even Facebook stalking leaves you feeling empty.

    8. You get snappy.


    Passive aggressive notes are a well documented symptom of bit shit days.

    9. It might be wise if everyone just avoids you today.

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    It's a good idea to warn people at the beginning on a bit shit day, that today, you will be mildly annoying to all those near you.

    10. You think food might solve your problem.

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    Cake solves all problems right?

    11. But it doesn't. Cake doesn't solve all problems.

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    Cake lied to you.

    12. Time passes at half the speed it does on OK days.

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    It will be 4 o'clock for what seems like a lifetime.

    13. Listening to sad, self-indulgent music is a definite sign you're having a bit of a shit day.

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    Extra points for emotional musical theatre.

    14. Just when you thought your day couldn't get any worse, your phone dies because of all the procrastination.

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    And now you can't listen to overly emotional music on your way home, which makes your day even worse.

    15. You decide to treat yourself with a takeaway, but it takes an hour to come.

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    16. Everything on TV is a bit shit, and it seems like you've watched all of Netflix a million times.


    17. Going to bed is the best thing that has happened all day.


    Because you're always exhausted on bit shit days.

    18. The next day you wake up, and suddenly the world seems a bit less shit.


    Maybe you don't have to go to the dentist today, maybe it's a Friday, or maybe your personal shit cloud has just blown over.

    19. So remember on bit shit days, listen to these motivational tampons.

    20. Google dogs with eyebrows.

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    21. Your personal shit cloud will probably pass. Tomorrow might be just OK.

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