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    21 Things Only Former Baby Lesbians Understand

    Baby lesbian = Someone who has just realised they might be an actual lesbian.

    1. At first you thought that everyone kind of thought about girls like that.

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    Everyone likes boobs right?

    2. And you just really liked Russian pop music and that's why you listened to "All The Things She Said" on repeat when you were 12.

    3. But soon enough you realised that not everyone liked boobs quite as much as you.


    And that Tatu were actually quite terrible and not even real lesbians.

    4. And the reason you loved certain women so much was because you wanted to have sex with them. Not that you wanted to be them.


    Even to this day that line is quite confusing.

    5. Your first girl crush was probably on a straight girl.

    And you probably fell hard for her.

    6. And for a while you probably thought that if you only wished hard enough she might like you back.

    Walt Disney

    Lesbians don't get fairy godmothers, duh.

    7. After you realised you might be a *homosexual*, the next stage was probably googling exactly how one does that.

    8. Usually you ended up stumbling across some things you weren’t mentally prepared for yet.


    "Is that how you do it? With those nails?"

    9. Eventually you probably came across The L Word and binge-watched all six seasons.


    "Is this what it's like? Will I get a swimming pool when I come out?"

    10. Through The L Word you started to learn all the lesbian words.


    But really this just made you more confused.

    11. You then spent all your time absorbing as much lesbian culture as possible.


    This probably involved watching some truly terrible films (not But I'm A Cheerleader, that's a brilliant film).

    12. But watching Skins with your parents was always awkward.


    Emily and Naomi forever <3.

    13. You definitely had a time when you wanted no one to know, and a time when you wanted EVERYONE to know.

    14. It felt almost mandatory to get some kind of dramatic haircut to go along with your coming out.

    For some this was life-changing, for others kind of regrettable.

    15. Even if it's not your style, you've experimented with dressing more butch.

    And there is no greater feeling than when you first get that look from a knowing older lesbian in the street. When they're like, "Ah yes, stay strong baby lesbian," all with their eyes.

    16. At first it probably felt like you were the only lesbian in the world and you would never meet another one.

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    So you took to the internet!

    17. And when you eventually did meet other lesbians it was very exciting.


    Even if it turned out you had absolutely nothing in common, at least this proved they weren't mythical.

    18. Before you did IT you stressed out about what lesbian sex actually was.

    Almost as much as straight people worry about what counts as lesbian sex.

    19. The first time you held a girl's hand walking down the street was a big moment, but in your head all you could think about was EVERYONE KNOWS I'M A LESBIAN.

    And that was OK.

    20. The first time you got lesbi-heckled was probably equally traumatic and hilarious.


    And these days you have all your come-backs lined up.

    21. At first being a lesbian sounded like the worst thing in the world, but now you wouldn't wanna be any other way.

    Me at 13, versus me now. #GrowingUpGay

    Because ew boys.