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17 Reasons To Say Goodbye To Your Bra

Just wear a massive jumper and no one will tell the difference anyway.

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1. Bras are uncomfortable.

OK they're useful for those 30 seconds a day you run up the stairs, but for the rest of the day when you're sitting on your arse they're kind of annoying.

2. Even your favourite bra can betray you.

You thought it would always support you, and then it goes and stabs you in the heart.

3. Bras ruin nice backless dresses.

Look at that bra, all smug that it's the star of the show.


6. Bras won't stay put.

You always need to scoop a boob back into it's place at the most awkward moment.

7. Bras can physically hold you back in life.

Always getting caught in other people's fancy furniture.


8. Bras stifle your individuality.

Like everyone has perky round bra boobs, maybe free-flying boobs are the next big thing?

9. Bras pinch your back fat.

Yes, maybe this is because you're wearing the wrong size of bra, but all of your good bras are in the wash, so you've resorted to one your mum bought you when you were sixteen.

10. You know that end of the day bra feeling? You know what's better than that? Never having to wear a bra in the first place.

Just hold your boobs when you run down the stairs, it will give you a kooky girl edge.

11. The fear of possible wardrobe malfunctions will add some much needed excitement to your life.

What's the worst that could happen? Actually don't think about that.


12. No bra means no more awkward strap twists.

Do yourself a favour and say bye bye to that confusion in your life.

13. You do not need more awkward tan lines.

Less straps = more happiness.

14. Washing your bras is confusing. Should you put them in the tumble dryer? I just don't know.

And occasionally satan himself will be in the washing machine and bend one of your bra hooks. Or magically detach and lose a bra strap.

16. And even if you're not wearing a massive jumper, people probably won't notice anyway.

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And if they do have the cheek to say "Are you wearing a bra?" then it's an easy way to tell who to cut from your life.