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    20 Art Masterpieces Turned Into Selfies

    It's hard to believe that humanity was without the forward facing phone camera for so long. From the Museum of Selfies Tumblr.

    1. This lady, sending a pretty snap to her bae.

    Landesmuseum Württemberg /

    2. This woman who will probably hashtag this selfie with #fml and #hatemylife.

    Städel Museum /

    3. Van Gogh checking out his good ear.

    Michael Schoch /

    4. These two taking a mid-party selfie.

    5. This girl who is going to tweet a picture of herself giving zero fucks.

    Kunsthalle Bremen /

    6. This guy replying to his friend's seriously lol-worthy Snapchat.

    Guillernant Julie /

    7. This man desperately trying to take a flattering selfie for his Tinder profile.

    Muzej Grada Trogira /

    8. This man who is going to hashtag his selfie #whyme and #sociallyawkward.

    9. These two lovebirds, who soon will be taking their ruffles off and going for a sexy Snapchat.

    10. This dude who knows that when it comes to sending a snap to your BFF, more chins = more love.

    11. This woman who is struggling to think of a witty caption for her selfie.

    12. This woman who is just DONE with everything, and needs to send a Snapchat that will convey that.

    13. This guy who needs to post a selfie on his Facebook so that all his old school friends know how hipster he has become.

    Melisham Devrim /

    14. This man checking out his new cool hat.

    Jonathan Wallis /

    15. This woman who needs to ask her Twitter followers what they think of her new strong brow look.

    16. This guy who double filters every Instagram.

    17. This man taking a selfie to try and shake off the fedora's reputation.

    18. This woman who is struggling to find flattering lighting for her #100happydays selfie.

    19. This chap who needs to take a selfie to update his Grindr.

    20. Jesus taking a selfie to please his fans.

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