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    Tesco Told A Blind Woman To Leave The Store Because Of Her Guide Dog

    The supermarket staff told her that "pets are not allowed".

    Maya Makri was asked to leave a Tesco Express in North London this week because of her guide dog.

    Was just told to leave because of my #guidedog @Tesco Express in SwissCottage. I am truly disgusted as this is happening repeatedly Pls RT

    Staff told the 39-year-old that no pets were allowed in the store, and refused to accept otherwise even though the her dog Jemma, pictured below, was clearly wearing a high-visability harness.

    Speaking to the Evening Standard Maya said "Various customers tried to back me up, but we were shouted down. I burst into tears outside the store in sheer frustration."

    Tesco have now apologised to Maya and donated £5000 to a guide dog charity.

    1st sensible person from @Tesco: they acknowledge that this shows great failing in their training & offered a donation to @guidedogs

    Maya, who is a student at the Central School of Speech and Drama, said that this is just one incident out of many she has encountered since moving to London 10 years a go.

    Just rang cab & they don't have anyone who will take a #guidedog "are you really blind then" #wtf

    Everywhere I turn I'm being refused access with my #guidedog since I've moved down to #London. What's wrong with you people #imissleeds

    Maya has said that she has been asked to leave many restaurants and has struggled to find a local gym because of her guide dog.

    I am so touched by everybody's support! Disabled people should form part of the social fabric of our communities #equality