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    43 Of The Most Unsatisfying Things On The Planet

    When you need scissors to get into a packet containing scissors.

    1. Spreading cold butter on cold bread.

    Especially when it says it's spreadable and is just lying to you.

    2. When the seat belt locks for no apparent reason.

    3. When you can't find the right way to put a lid on something.

    4. This hoover that was nearly so good, until it was terrible.

    5. Putting a fitted sheet on a bed.

    You do one corner and then the other corner pops off, just to spite you.

    6. When you have moisturiser on your hands and everything it just so slippy.

    7. Everything about sellotape.

    8. When people leave cupboards and drawers open.

    This man is CRUEL.

    9. Trying to refill a mechanical pencil.

    10. When your straw goes all the way through your Capri Sun.

    11. When perforated edges don't rip well.

    12. Tangled wires.

    13. Unexplained traffic jams.

    Only slightly more frustrating that explained traffic jams.

    14. When lids like this won't peel off nicely.

    15. Plugging in a USB.

    When will you learn which is the right way round?

    16. Flappy bird.

    17. These sesame snaps all melted together.

    They can't be called snaps if they don't SNAP.

    18. When knives and scissors come in packets that you need knives and scissors to open.

    19. When you can't take your trainers off fast enough after exercise.

    20. Throwing something in the bin and missing.

    21. When you can't find the end of the toilet paper.

    22. When you need to sneeze but you can't.

    23. Cling film.

    24. Glasses that won't stay on your face.

    25. Trying to eat the last bit of cereal in the bowl.

    26. Trying to put a shirt on but it's still buttoned up too much.

    27. When clothes hangers get tangled.

    28. When your hair won't get out your face.

    29. The buffering wheel of doom.

    30. Delayed automatic doors.

    31. When bananas just won't do what a banana is meant to do.

    32. When you can't get that scissor glide on wrapping paper.

    33. This cat's life.

    34. When vending machines don't work.

    35. This kid that can't even nearly play this game.

    36. Attempting to leave the house when it's icy.

    37. Stubbing your toe.

    38. The phantom phone vibrate.

    39. Texting with gloves on.

    40. When pull doors look like push doors.

    41. When the ice from your drink hits you in the face.

    42. When someone doesn't close the door to your room on the way out.

    43. This terrible bubble wrap.