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29 Badass Tattoos That Will Inspire Every Feminist

Nevertheless, she got some badass ink.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us their feminist tattoos. Here are some of the most beautiful and moving responses...

1. "Girls are amazing and having two make out on my arm shows my love for my fellow women and for myself."

"I just got this tattoo last week and I'm obsessed – it not only represents feminism to me but also the importance of not giving a shit. Considering it's a tattoo many people will frown upon, I can't seem to find a reason to care about other people's shitty opinions – it just reminds me that it's my body and I can do what I want and love who I want."


2. "At least I had one small 'fuck you and the patriarchy' as I passed his office every day."

"This tattoo means a lot to me. My sister (another fucking awesome empowering woman) who is a tattoo artist actually designed and gave me the tattoo and it's easily my favourite of all the ones I have. I've always wanted a feminist tattoo, but I was never able to visualise something. When the situation with Elizabeth Warren and Mitch McConnell happened, I knew I had to get one. I'm from Kentucky, so after the senator representing my state shut down a woman like that I was furious and felt even more inclined to do something. When his words became a feminist chant against people like him, I decided to get it permanently inked into my leg."


3. "We are so powerful and we need to tell each other that as well as ourselves."

"I got this after International Women's Day. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of the work, but the symbol itself is so empowering."


4. "I got the Venus symbol after graduating college to symbolise my feminist awakening."

5. "There's still so much to fight for."

"This is my suffragette tattoo, created by the amazing Natalie Rogers at Alternative Art in Northampton. 'Deeds not words', the slogan of Emmeline Pankhurst's Women's Social and Political Union, has been my mantra for many years, and purple and green were the suffragette colours. Women were imprisoned, force-fed, and died for us to be able to vote, and it wasn't until 1928 that women in the UK won equal voting rights. There's still so much to fight for – at the moment, I'm focused on working with food banks and shelters in my local area to provide period kits for women in need. #DeedsNotWords"


6. "People warned me that one day my beliefs would change, but I'll never stop believing in my fellow women."

"The tattoo I doodled for myself one day when I was bored in class became a reality. It was only my second tattoo ever and still love it today. ❤️ "


7. "I've always wanted the symbol, but my tattoo artist turned it into this amazing piece."

8. "It's a great reminder to have on me."

"I got this tattoo with my sister as part of a fundraiser my tattoo shop was doing, half of the profit went to the Women's Law Project. "


9. "The picture doesn't show the whole quote, but it says 'nolite te bastardes carborundorum', meaning 'don't let the bastards grind you down' in Latin."

"It's a quote from my favourite book, The Handmaid's Tale. I read it years ago while I was trying to better myself and overcome an addiction. I got this tattoo to remind myself that I'm a strong woman who can't be held down!"


10. "This tattoo says fuck beauty standards, fuck gender roles, and fuck yeah to freedom!"

"I got this burning bra tattoo about a month ago. I got it partly to represent the women's rights movement in the 1960s and the movement happening now."


11. "This piece always reminds me of the struggles I've been through and all of the times I've been told 'no' or 'you can't'."

"As soon as I heard the words they resonated with me."


12. "In a time where so many US states are implementing abortion restrictions, this matters to me now more than ever."

"I got this four years ago to represent all of the people who have lost their lives due to unsafe and unregulated abortions, and as a symbol for how important it is that we keep abortion safe, regulated, and legal in this country [the US]."


13. "I got these two ladies by a badass female tattoo artist to represent all of the badass farm women I know in my life."

"I learned to drive a tractor, milk a cow, and clip goat hooves all from amazing farm women."


14. "It was a fun girl-bonding experience, let us show our love for the album and express our individual experiences with men in a funny and cute way. "

"My two best girl friends and I got some of our favourite Beyoncé lyrics from Lemonade with little lemon slices done together ("Boy, bye", "Don't hurt yourself", and "I ain't sorry"). My friend's husband, Honest Bob, at Golden Rule in Phoenix, Arizona, graciously made the tattoos for us."


15. "I'm obsessed with it and I wanna show it off to everyone."

"I got this beautiful piece done by Emilie Robinson at Twilight Tattoo in Minneapolis two weeks ago. I grew up reading Wonder Woman comics religiously, and as I grew into the more refined feminist I am today, I realised how important reading those comics was to me. Diana was strong, beautiful, gracious, wise, and compassionate. It has never not been an option for me to care about the well-being of others, because that always represented true strength to me.

The flowers are some of my mom's favourites."


16. "Every time I see it it reminds me how beautiful, strong, and empowering it is to say, 'I am a woman, and I am a feminist.'"

"I come from a very conservative 'traditional' family where it was always pushed into my brain that women were just for men's pleasures and for staying home and taking care of the kids. But once I became a teenager and started doing my own research on women such as Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt etc, it made me realise that being a woman was something to be proud of and that I can do anything just as well as a man can do it. I have always been an artist and was always interested in getting into becoming a tattoo artist (which is a very male-dominated industry), and this tattoo was one of the first I did on myself. "


17. "I'd planned to get it next year for the 100th anniversary of women having the right to vote, but I couldn't wait!"

"I got this a couple of weeks ago – purple, green, and white were the colours of the suffragettes, and the ballot paper is fairly self-explanatory."


18. "I merged the idea of XO (hugs and kisses) and the female symbol to mean approaching feminism and other people's viewpoints with positivity and love."

"I had been wanting a tattoo that represents something feminist and I knew I wanted it to be small because I had already chosen the placement (right where Dame Helen Mirren has her tattoo!). The female symbol was perfect but I wanted to personalise it a bit. It's a great reminder to listen to people and understand we are all just humans trying our best in this world! Also, Beyoncé's self-titled album had just come out, so I might've been influenced by track 10."

kat chula

19. "I got this tattoo the weekend after Trump was elected. It was really empowering to get a simple symbol of what some people would have me be ashamed of."

20. "I just love Wednesday Addams' attitude and independence, and she's just so badass."

"This is probably my most favourite tattoo that I currently have. I have been wanting a feminist tattoo for so long but didn't know what I wanted until this year. Tattoo done by Hillary Blair, Triple Diamond Tattoo, Brooklyn, New York."


21. "My feminist tattoo is all about being free. It says 'Tänään olen vapaa': 'Today I'm free' in Finnish."

"I got it after I finally felt OK with my past: I got raped at 18 and suffered a really bad post-trauma stress reaction as well as serious depression for 10 years. Now, at the age of 32, I am free from all that nonsense patriarchy tells me I ought to be or feel as a victim of such crime. I am free and proud to be me, free to not let my past define me."


22. "It reminds women (and men) that 'no' is a powerful word we shouldn't be afraid of. It's OK to say no, and it's OK to be told no."

23. "When HillDog lost the election I was devastated, mostly because it felt like a slap in the face for women."

"However, I think it brought women together like never before, and I am so proud to be a part of a future that is female."


24. "I am more than just somebody's 'babe'."

"One of my biggest pet peeve is being called pet names like honey, sweetheart, darling etc without my permission. This is an expression of that pet peeve, but also a general statement that I do not exist simply for a man's enjoyment or entertainment."


25. "Me and my best friend got matching tattoos of the goddess symbol."

"The hands are meant to represent us helping each other become the goddesses we of course are. ♡"


26. "This quote is in my own handwriting to symbolise the work I put into myself, getting an education and pursuing a life controlled by me."

"It is a quote from the feminist writer Audre Lorde. I got this as a grad present to myself for graduating from college with my degree in women's and gender studies."


27. "I got this for my 30th birthday, as a reminder that when the world says I'm not good enough, I am."

"And for all the times I tell myself I'm not good enough, too."


28. "Got this as a present to myself right before Trump's inauguration."

29. "I just got mine last Tuesday! It really speaks for itself."

"I wanted it on my bicep to show strength. It was done by Sofia Mesisca."


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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