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22 Things You'll Only Know If You're 22

I don't know about you...

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1. Being 22 is a bit like having a second awkward, teenage phase.


2. It's most people's first year of being an actual adult.

3. When you're 21 the world says you're officially an adult.

4. When you're 22 the world expects you to act like an adult.

Channel 4

Why are there so many different types of tax and why am I paying them all?

5. Suddenly you've got more in common with 30-year-olds than 18-year-olds.


6. For the first time you don't feel like an impostor wearing actual adult clothes.


Knee length pencil skirt and a blazer – don't mind if I do.

7. You start to get jealous of teenagers.


They just have so much life ahead of them....

8. But also you are so glad you're not one of them anymore.

You can do adult things like brunch!

9. For the first time in your life there is slang you don't understand.

This is not your generation, this is not meant for you.

10. And technology you're not sure you get the point of.


11. You now know how your parents felt when they claimed it was weird when all the things they wore as a kid started coming back into fashion.

We won't let boot cuts come back though, it can't happen.

We won't let boot cuts come back though, it can't happen.

12. Your friends are just starting to have babies and get married.


And not by accident or in Vegas.

13. You get really freaked out when you realise that famous people are younger than you.

How did they achieve so much so fast?

14. You have a genuine phobia of the word "career".

15. It's terrifying to think of how much your parents had achieved by the time they were 22.


They were probably married.

16. There are only eight little years until you're 30.

You were fourteen 8 years ago, you can remember being 14 really clearly.

17. Which makes you think that you need to find someone to marry ASAP.


Where does one find themselves a spouse?

18. But then you realise you have a WHOLE EIGHT YEARS, until you're 30.

You've come a LONG way since you were 14, so you've got plenty of time.

19. In some situations you feel really young.

"Can I help you Sir?"*Looks for someone behind you*
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"Can I help you Sir?"

*Looks for someone behind you*

20. And in some situations you feel really old, like when you realise that some kids today will probably never use a landline.



21. At 22 some people treat you like an adult, and some people still treat you like a teenager.


And neither seem to fit quite right.

22. It's a weird age, which is why Taylor wrote a whole song about it.

Feeling 22 🎵