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    22 Things Everyone Who Has Worked In A Wetherspoon's Understands

    Once a spoonie, always a spoonie. But hopefully not.

    1. When you first start work there the "training to be perfect" badge marks you out as the newbie.

    2. The official induction into being a "spoonie" could not be more cringe.

    "Are you a social spoonie or a sporty spoonie?" – Just no.

    Especially as spoonie is also slang for someone with a chronic illness.

    3. The 50% food discount on shift and 20% the rest of the time isn't half bad.

    4. And it's totally unfair that managers get free food while on shift.


    Some spoonies are more equal than others. 😒

    5. But forget about getting any free booze.


    6. The worst is when they run out of what you wanted before you've had a chance to have your break.

    7. Wetherspoon's have a habit of making you into a walking advertisement.

    Thanks for the new tshirt wetherspoons

    8. Some additions to the uniform are worse than others.

    9. If you work in the kitchens you spend a lot of time making sure everything is defrosted on time.

    Walt Disney

    What did you expect? It's Wetherspoon's.

    10. Picking up soggy bits of torn beer mat and labels is the worst.

    11. No, actually cleaning up vomit is the worst.

    The WB


    12. Has anyone actually ever had their suggestion to "Tell Tim" put into to action?

    Walt Disney

    Seriously, does anyone even read those things?

    13. It seems like at least half of customers forget to check their table number before they order.

    14. We have secret code words for all the different types of disasters.


    And no I'm not telling you.

    15. Working the "club" nights is the worst.


    If your Wetherspoon's doesn't do these then you are very, very lucky.

    16. We're always open, so you can forget about your social life.

    17. If you don't have bouncers then there'll always be underage kids trying to get served.


    And some always manage to slip past the bouncers anyway.

    18. When people ask for a recommendation on which cocktail to buy.

    Lynzy Billing / BuzzFeed

    What level of sugary hell would you like to experience?

    19. You have to deal with hen and stag dos on a weekly basis.

    A wetherspoons, rugby, pint o the black stuff. All I need now is a hen party... Oh wait! #6nations

    You can't decide if putting up with their screaming while they're there or cleaning up their mess afterwards is the worst part.

    20. Wetherspoon's regulars are a very special breed.


    21. Especially the ones who come in for their breakfast pint every day.

    22. But if we're serving cocktail pitchers at 10am, people have the right to buy them.

    Paramount Pictures

    Still doesn't mean it's a good idea though.

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