The 20 Cutest Pictures Of Cat’s Paws

Pawnography is the appreciation of just how cute cat’s paws are. What could pawsibly be better?

1. A cat’s paws may be the cutest part of the cat.

2. It’s time we appreciated them for all of their delicious cuteness.

3. Key features to look out for in the world of pawnography include the size…

The paw to cat ratio should be as large as possible. The bigger the better in paw world.

4. Chubby paws = cute paws

5. The fold. The magical overlap between cat ankle and cat paw.

The squishier the better.

6. Another excellent example of cute paw fold.

7. Tuftiness is much appreciated in a paw.

Common among fluffier cats are little cute tufts between the toes of the paw.

8. But so is silky shiny softness.

9. As in most cute things, squishiness is a desirable quality.

10. Presentation can be everything to make a cat into a paw star.

Nice angles.

11. Props are good.

12. Pawfection.

13. Pawdon me, but that is pawsitively pawfect!

14. For the pro paw star: the tangle.

15. Pawsome tangle shot.

So many textures!

16. Pad shots. For paddy paws.

17. Big cat paws! These pawfect pads belong to a jaguar.

18. The subtle paw. You may need to pawse to appreciate.

19. Paw star, the Canadian lynx. Impawsibly cute.

Their paws are just so big and fluffy and ADORABLE.

20. Paw-licious.

Impawsters will not be tollerated.

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