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    Mar 21, 2017

    18 Things That Naturally Clean People Can't Stand

    Washing up without also wiping the surfaces should be a crime.

    1. When someone tidies up, but doesn't quite do everything.

    2. Or they'll clean everything up, but not wipe the surface.

    Twitter: @marissalynnx3

    You can't relax until the surfaces are shiny.

    3. Or even worse leave one empty packet.

    I boil noodles and leave the empty packet on the side, I know I'm savage

    4. When people leave dirty plates in the sink.

    Twitter: @not_ya_mama_x

    Before you wash up you have to take everything out the sink and clean the sink, it just makes no sense.

    5. Or gross used tea bags.

    Twitter: @CiaranS92

    The bin can handle your lil' soggy bags.

    6. It stresses you out when people leave a sofa without "making" it.

    Twitter: @superchikk

    Blankets should be folded and cushions should be poofed.

    7. You don't understand why anyone would leave a sink with beard hairs or toothpaste smears in it.

    Twitter: @JohnPerryWarren

    Do they think a fairy comes and washes them all away?

    8. When someone does a task, but does not complete that task, you feel the rage bubble inside you.

    Twitter: @McTorres88

    "Ah yes, thank you so much for nearly taking the bin out."

    9. When you have to use someone else's bathroom and they have moldy grouting.

    Twitter: @Startsatsixty

    You feel like a bitch for judging them but you can't help it.

    10. The idea of getting into a unmade bed at the end of the day distresses you.

    11. But not as much as sleeping on a bed with no sheets.

    12. You cannot comprehend the logic that causes someone to put an empty container back in the fridge.

    13. Or an eggshell back in the egg box.

    Was the bin just out of reach, huh?

    14. You hate seeing chairs not pushed under tables.

    15. Or toilet rolls not given their proper home where they belong.

    16. When shoes are just left in the middle of the room instead of being neatly put away where shoes live.

    17. When people play bin jenga instead of doing to right thing and taking the bin out.

    18. Or even worse draining board jenga.

    Twitter: @KateinCornwall

    Asking for tears. Your tears when something smashes and you have to clean it up.

    Being tidy can feel like a curse.

    Hollywood Pictures

    But you know you're on the right side of history.


    Keep doing you, even if that means passive aggressively signing while cleaning up after others.

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