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18 Crimes Against Makeup Committed In The '00s

So much lip gloss, so little eye brow.

1. Over plucking your eyebrows into the shape of sperms.

2. Or shaving them off entirely and drawing new ones on.

3. Wearing the wrong foundation for your skin tone.

And trying to desperately rub the telltale jaw line tide away.

Probably because everyone was obsessed with this stuff and it didn't come in that many shades.

4. Being very liberal with the fake tan and bronzer.

5. Wearing tonnes of eyeliner, all the way round your eye.

6. Or just using loads of pencil liner on your lower lash line.

7. Smothering your entire body in body glitter.

8. Experimenting with putting mascara in your hair.

9. And covering your hair in glitter.

10. Using way, way too much lip gloss.

11. Buying loads of expensive lip glosses that all looked kinda the same once you got them on.

12. Or using a "lip plumper" to try to get the perfect pout.

13. Using concealer as lipstick to really make your eyes stand out.

14. Piling as much mascara as possible on until it looks like dead spiders.

15. Wearing a lipliner way darker than your lipstick.

16. Covering your whole eyelid with very pale shimmery eyeshadow.

17. Wearing press-on square-tipped french nails.

18. And using these guys or your fingers for all makeup application.