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11 Things That Will Make You Even More Obsessed With Knitting

For grandmas of all ages.

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1. A set of quality bamboo needles in the cutest case for £15.

Getting a set of needles is v useful, as patterns often ask for just a couple of rows in a different needle size.

If you're willing to splash out I highly recommend Knit Pro needles as the smoothest and most beautiful needles there are. Get a set of eight sizes for £60.

If you want to go real cheap then go for metal needles rather than wood, as cheap wood needles can often be rough and not fun to knit with. You can get 11 pairs of metal needles for £9.99.

2. This perfect first sweater kit.

I am obsessed with Wool And The Gang knit kits, this is the first one I made and it was so simple to follow. This is the second jumper I attempted (first one went very, very, wrong) and I wear it all the time.

The Julia sweater kit (pictured) is currently on sale for £49.00, and they have an amazing choice of colours to choose from.

3. If you're not quite ready for a whole jumper, have a go at a hat.

This kit uses 12mm needles, so you could knit the whole thing in a lazy afternoon. It comes in loads of gorgeous colours and won't break the bank at £25.50.

If you don't like paying for your patterns this pussy at is free to download. And uses just one ball of their chunky wool for £15.50, but you could probably knit the pattern with a cheaper alternative, like this one for £2.60.


4. Get balls of wool in every colour you could want for just £1.

Instagram: @restin_bitch_face

Marriner yarns are mostly 100% acrylic so they won't be super soft, but they won't be itchy like pure wool can be either, and they are extreme value.

Get 20 balls of assorted colours for just £20.

7. Join a knitting subscription box from £21 per month and get a new surprise project to work on every month.

If you subscribe to Sonic Knits for £21 you'll get just a pattern and some yarn every month, for £28 you'll get any extras you might need to make your project and a themed gift too!

If you're in the US check out PostStitch for a similar deal.


8. If you're worried about making something 3D but are bored of scarves, make a rug!

This pattern uses loopy stitch, but once you've mastered that you're good to go, you can download the pattern here for £4.00. Or if you want to stick to basic stitches and fancy a bigger project why not try this kit from We Are Knitters for £55.

9. Get everything you need to become a serious knitter in one handy kit.

Get six yarn bobbins, four point protectors, a cable needle, two stitch counters, a tape measure, a needle gauge, two stitch holders and two embroider needles, all for £6.