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11 Murder Weapons Used By The Red Devil

We now know that the Red Devil is played by multiple people, but they all used everyday objects to kill their victims, and it looks like the preferred weapon in season 1 is...

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1. Knife

Hide your kitchen knives! More people were killed with a knife than any other weapon in the show. Don't believe me? Take a look at the following victim list.

* Chanel #2

* Shondell

* Mandy

* Jennifer

* Earl

* Boone

* Pete

2. Lawn Mower

Deaf Taylor Swift's life was taken away with a lawn mower. Now there is one less Swifty in the world, sadness.

3. Chainsaw

Oh poor Coney the Cone, decapitated by chainsaw! His reign as the school mascot was short. RIP Coney.

4. Hedge Shears

Well, Dodger's death by hedge shears made Chanel #5's choice between him and his brother easier.

5. Deep Fryer

Technically Chanel pushed Ms.Bean's pushed her head into the deep fryer, but credit should be given to the Red Devil for turning it on.

6. Axe

The Red Devil killed the armless Caulfield with an axe as he attempted to reach safety by climbing a ladder. He never had a chance.

7. Nail Gun

Poor Chanel #5. The Red Devil ruined her chances of having more thresomes, and with Roger's death by nail gun she also lost her last suitor. Oh well, at least she still has Dora the Explorer.

8. Machete

Sadly an innocent man got caught in the middle of a Red Devil attack. The truck driver who warned Chanel #5 that someone was in her backseat trying to kill her was murdered by machete.

9. Electric Carving Knife

Gigi, the mastermind behind the Red Devil killings, was murdered by one of her minions with an electric carving knife during Thanksgiving dinner.

10. Crossbow

One of mall cops who showed up to save the Chanels from the Red Devil during Black Friday was killed with a crossbow. Tsk tsk, the Red Devil killed another innocent person.

11. Bomb

The Red Devil took things to a different level by forcing the pizza delivery guy to wear a bomb. Poor guy.

Oh Red Devil, you!

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