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5 Outrageous Videos That Might Make You Laugh

We are a collective of Stand up Comedians that magically got hold of some HD cameras and made some videos with them. Enjoy!

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Massimo's Smoke Machine

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Will Massimo's new smoke machine take his comedy to the next level? Will he be able to convince Mike and Paul of the practicality of his new purchase? Are smoke machines awesome? Watch this Flipside Short Comedy Film and find the answer to these questions and more!

Traffic Jams | Comedy on the Streets

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Montreal comedians Mike Paterson, Rodney Ramsey, Massimo, Eman and Paul Baluyot decide to ease the traffic situation by telling jokes to commuters during morning rush hour in Montreal, Canada.

When a Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey is seen in Montreal.

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When a unsuspecting Toronto fan walks to Habs game in Montreal wearing a Maple leafs jersey in public, he suffers unanticipated consequences.

Sarcasm College: Enroll Today

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Not DOING anything with your life?? You need to enroll into SARCASM COLLEGE, where you can learn such skills as how to ego-check friends who have accomplished minor short term goals...

Interview with Wee Knobbs aka The Pragmatic Jacker

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When a suburbanite moves to the city, he must go to extreme measures to get noticed.

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