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Flight Centre Released Their Top 50 Travel Experiences for 2020 And I’m Ready To Quit My Job And Travel The World

Goodbye ~ adult responsibilities ~, in 2020 I'll be embracing the nomad way of life.

That glorious time of year is upon us once more, my friends — the time when Flight Centre drops the ultimate inspo for all your "new year, new me" travel plans.

To help kick-start your travel plans, we've pulled out our top 11 holiday experiences on the list — that you can book RN!

1. Wander the streets of the incredible Blue City on this Moroccan journey.

2. Uncover Mayan rituals and swim with Whale Sharks on the path from Guatemala to Mexico.

3. Stare in wonder at the sheer scale of Petra on this Jordan discovery.

4. Watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat on this Cambodian adventure.

5. Safari in Sri Lanka on a lush tropical jungle escape.

6. Travel Switzerland by scenic rail, because the mountains CALL TO YOUR SOUL.

7. Discover untamed beauty and reach unspoiled landscapes in Antarctica.

8. Cruise to Russia's almost uncharted Far East.

9. Wonder at the pure MAJESTY that is the Northern Lights in Yukon.

10. Learn local traditions and rituals in beautiful Japan.

11. And finally, see Thailand's floating pagodas.

For more travel inspo and to nab a holiday deal in 2020, head to Flight Centre.