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8 Ways To Make Overseas Travel Easier

Bring half of the clothes and double the money.

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2. Dress Appropriately


Flashy jewelry is a surefire way to be a target of pickpocketing. Are shorts expectable where you are traveling? Does your head have to be covered? What is expected when you are visiting religious sites? Tip: Pack a sarong. Sarongs can be used as a head covering, long skirt, towel and as a beach covering.

3. Weigh Your Baggage.


It would be wise to compare allowed weights on each airlines. Taking multiple different airlines with different allowances might cost you a bit in baggage fees. A bad way to start off your trip.

5. Decide How Much You Are Willing To Spend.


You could spend all of your money at one week at a fancy resort. Backpack around the country at a fraction of the price. Replace one big trip with two smaller trips. There are so many different way to allocate your funds. Remember to factor in the prices of gifts, food and tipping. Try Airbnb to save money on hotels.

6. A Flexible Itinerary


Make a list of things you would like to do. Visit tourist sites, cooking classes, amusement parks; there are endless amounts of things to do. Have an itinerary if your prone to lying in the hotel room all day. Wander around the city, you don't have to follow to the itinerary to a T. It is good to have an idea of your plans, but remember to allow time to relax.

7. Tipping


To tip or not to tip?

China: *leaves tip* "Sir you forgot your change."

Tipping in certain countries can be considered rude. Not tipping in certain countries can be considered rude. Do some research to find out with area of the spectrum your destination lies.

8. Pack Light And Wisely


If you plan on throwing away clothing don't bring clothing you hate. If you hate wearing it at home, you'll hate wearing it on a trip. Don't pack anything you haven't worn before. That pair of shoes that were so comfortable at the store, might start pinching at your feet during long walks.

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