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Top 10 Worst Comic Book Movie Costumes

In honor of those photos of Spider-Man's newly rebooted duds, here's a look at 10 Comic Book Movie Costumes that didn't work out so well. (via Comics Bulletin)

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  • 10. Magneto

    10. Magneto

    Terribly scratchy looking high-waisted pants: check. Cape Dracula sold to a thriftstore: check. Goofiest helmet ever: double check.

  • 9. The Punisher

    9. The Punisher

    Dolph Lundgren looks less like a hero here and more like the token NRA-fetishist character from a scrapped Grease reboot.

  • 8. Batman

    8. Batman

    Because nothing scares the crap out of criminals like bat armor with nipples.

  • 7. Judge Dredd

    7. Judge Dredd

    This is one of those rare instances where the comic didn't actually feature spandex or codpieces. Which means Sylvester Stallone probably just really wanted to show off his banana boat.

  • 6. Spider-Man

    6. Spider-Man

    This whole costume is like a gigantic arrow to Spidey's junk.

  • 5. Steel

    5. Steel

    Admittedly, we'd probably all be better off if Shaq was stuck in a clunky metal suit of armor all day. Especially if it had a mouth piece that locked shut from the outside.

  • 4. Catwoman

    4. Catwoman

    They would have been better off just making Halle Berry go nude for the entire film. But then people would have too hard a time telling it apart from Monster's Ball.

  • 3. Green Goblin

    3. Green Goblin

    Sure, the original may look like a gritty reboot of Troll 2. But at least it won't rust in the rain.

  • 2. Juggernaut

    2. Juggernaut

    Because nothing says badass like turning yourself into an extra from Madonna's "Express Yourself" video crossed with a rejected Robert Mapplethorpe photo.

  • 1. Batman Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo

    1. Batman Pt. 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Only Joel Schumacher has the power to ruin Batman's menacing looks twice in the same film. First it was nipples. Now it's a gigantic honking codpiece.