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Top 10 Comic Book Moustaches

Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck and Ron Burgundy don't have a monopoly on the epic moustache, you know. Check out these 10 Comic Book Moustaches from Comics Bulletin.

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  • 10 (tie). Thomas Wayne/Jim Gordon

    10 (tie). Thomas Wayne/Jim Gordon

    Thomas Wayne and Jim Gordon: separated at birth???

  • 9. Corsair

    9. Corsair

    Why yes, Corsair is what Han Solo would have been like if Burt Reynolds played him instead of Harrison Ford.

  • 8. Angar the Screamer

    8. Angar the Screamer

    What's Angar screaming about? Gorilla Man borrowed his trimmer again.

  • 7. The Leader

    7. The Leader

    Now honey, it's okay, just tell me...did the Leader touch you in your bathing suit area?

  • 6. Sinestro

    6. Sinestro

    Sinestro's Snidely Whiplash moustache screams "I'm gonna tie some girl to train tracks."

  • 5. Green Arrow

    5. Green Arrow

    Someone should let Green Arrow in on the fact that Errol Flynn is no longer a viable role model.

  • 4. Drunk Tony Stark

    4. Drunk Tony Stark

    Even after a night spent vomiting up Canadian whiskey into his Iron Man helmet, Tony Stark still manages to keep his moustache thin and trim. That, my friends, is dedication.

  • 3. Mandarin

    3. Mandarin

    The Mandarin: proudly fulfilling xenophobic stereotypes since 1964.

  • 2. Batroc the Leaper

    2. Batroc the Leaper

    Yo man, that mustache is so hipster. I think I saw this guy at the bar looking for Panda Bear on the jukebox while sipping on a really obscure stout.

  • 1. Turner D. Century

    1. Turner D. Century

    Not only does Turner D. Century rock a moustache Salvador Dali would have killed to possess, he also flies around town with a shorty in tow on his pimpin' flying bike. EPIC WIN.