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21 Things You Could Do If You Weren’t Stuck In Rush Hour Traffic

If you didn't have to commute to work every day, what would you do with all that extra time? Here are 21 ideas.

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Rush hour traffic. Ahhh, it's the bane of every office worker's existence. Whether it's by planes, trains, or automobiles, commuting bites. After all, who doesn't love being stuck in a small space, moving along an inch an hour?

Well, if you had a telecommuting job, you wouldn't have to deal with commuting, rush hour traffic, and all the other fun things that go along with an office job.

Because we all work from home every day, the team at FlexJobs came up with 21 things you could potentially be doing if you weren't stuck in rush hour traffic.


17) Finally fold your laundry—instead of digging into the clean basket (and sometimes the dirty one) to find something not too wrinkled (and somewhat freshly-scented) to wear to work.

Office jobs and rush hour traffic tend to go hand in hand. So the next time you're sitting stuck in a train/car/runway tarmac for no apparent reason, consider finding a telecommuting job—and say sayonara to rush hour traffic and hello to a happier workday.

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